Rare Breed Poultry

The Ty’n Y Llidiart chicken collection began with the idea that a few rare breed hens would be a nice addition to the general farm flock … we now have 5 pure breeds: Cream Legbar, Maran, Silver- and Gold- Partridge Pekin Bantams, and Swedish flower hens. We breed a popular green-egg laying hybrid, which we call Marsbar and finally, we keep a firm farm favourite … Welsh harlequin ducks.


During spring and summer months we sell hatching eggs, and all breeds will be available at some point during the season, depending on which we have put into the breeding pens. If you are interested in a particular breed we can usually arrange this.


We have chickens for sale throughout the year, depending on what has been hatched on the farm during the year. Depending on the time of year we are prepared to attempt to hatch to order if you are interested in a particular breed.

Price: ¬£30 per bird¬once sex has been established


We also sell eggs from the farm gate, and although I’m biased they really are the best eggs I’ve ever tasted. It is great fun choosing which egg to eat every morning as we have so many colours – pale, speckled, green, blue, dark brown and many shades in between.¬


The Maran hens are most notable for their lovely large dark brown eggs, and are good layers. They are classed as a heavy breed and one of our Marans is top of the free range flock pecking order. We have Cuckoo coloured Marans in our flock.

Cream Legbar

These pretty hens are consistent layers of pale sky blue eggs of a good size. The Cream Legbar’s crest and blue eggs show their historic origins from the Araucana breed. They are an auto sexing breed, which means that cockerels and hens can be identified as soon as they hatch.

Here at Ty’n Y Llidiart we aim to keep good utility varieties and our Cream Legbars have also proven to be good reliable layers.

We have crossed the Cream Legbar and Maran to produce our own “Marsbar” hybrid, which lays olive eggs.

Marsbar hybrid

Marsbar is our name for a cross between a Cream Legbar and a Maran. A child once asked if they laid chocolate eggs, sadly not, but our hybrid does lay good size olive green eggs. In Ian’s words “it has a variable size bouffant hairstyle”! Otherwise the hybrid consistently takes its looks from the Maran part of the cross.

Swedish flower hen

Swedish flower hens are a landrace breed with distinctive white tips to their feathers, giving the impression of wildflower meadows, and their name.

The breed naturally produces a diverse range of colours,which contain both crested and non-crested hens. We have hens from 3 different genetic lines in the flock and different cockerels run with the flock, none of which are crested. We do try to keep the stunning “Snow Leopard” cockerel in our mix.

The Swedish flower hens are a good utility breed, which lay well. Eggs are a nice size and are a creamy beige colour, sometimes moving towards paler shades.¬† ¬

Partridge Pekin bantams

We keep Silver and Gold partridge feathered pekin bantams. The pekins have feathered feet and make great broodies.¬

The Welsh Harlequin duck breed is medium / large in size and lay a good number of delicious eggs.¬

Welsh Harlequin ducks

Our flock contains heritage from a line of Cheshire show winners.

Ty’n Y Llidiart chicken field

Our laying flock here at Ty’n Y Llidiart in the hills of Denbighshire are given access to a rich variety of forage and wide open spaces. This makes for the very tastiest eggs and happy hens.

Please contact us before visiting to confirm availability of our pure breed chickens and hatching eggs as this is dependent on seasons and demand.

Ty’n-Y-Llidiart farm, Llandegla, Denbighshire, Wrexham, LL11 3AF.

Phone Ian or Janet : 01978 790236

Email : IGandJM.R@gmail.com