Robinson Cactus Nursery

Ian Robinson has been a specialist grower of cacti and succulents since 1952 when he started the hobby at age 5. He is a National Show judge for the British Cactus and Succulent Society and is available to give lectures on various subjects.

The cactus collection is currently held in a large greenhouse at the farm, and is surely the only Cactus nursery in Wales to survive at around 1,000 feet. Visitors to the collection are welcome though it is advisable to contact Ian prior to your journey.

Cacti & Succulents

Cacti photos

A selection of photos from Ian’s cactus and succulent collection over the years can be viewed here. Plants include Epiphytes, Tephrocactus and Opuntia relatives, Other Cacti, Mesembryanthemacae and other Succulents.

Echinopsis for sale

Echinopsis photos

To see photos from Ian’s Echinopsis collection click here. Many of these are also available to purchase from the Echinopsis plant list, available to download below.

Visit the collection

Many cactus and succulent plants are for sale and the most recent plant lists can be made available on request.  Please let Ian know if you have a wants list, or you are welcome to get in touch to arrange a visit to the collection.

How to order

E-mail Ian at :

Phone and postal orders are also welcome:

+44 (0)1978 790236

Ty’n-y-Llidiart, Llandegla, Wrexham, North Wales, LL11 3AF

Packing and postage is charged at £4.50 for the UK.

Payment should accompany your order and can be in the form of cash, Postal Order or a sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank.

Please make cheques payable to I.G.Robinson. A cheque with the value left blank, but endorsed with “not to exceed £x, where x is the maximum value of the order, will avoid substitution when plants are out of stock.

Ian can also take electronic/credit card payments by e-mail via the Paypal website but please add 5% to the total to cover charges. Ian’s paypal account name is

We are unable to send plants to Europe.

Ian spent his lockdown constructing a new metal frame greenhouse over the top of the old wooden one!

Lecture subjects

Greenhouse year part 1: A series of photographs taken chronologically in the greenhouse, starting in January.

Greenhouse year part 2: The second half of the chronological sequence of slides from the greenhouse.

Succulents for the cactophile: A tour of the succulents in common cultivation 30 years ago, from a cactus grower’s greenhouse.

Five years from scratch: A talk on seed raising and the results that can be achieved in 5 years.

Showing and judging: A lecture about the scoring system in the BCSS, including a fun practical trial in which the audience can use the knowledge gained from the lecture to test their judging skills.

A is for … : A series of mixed cactus and succulent lectures, including cultivational guidance, with the subjects of the lecture connected to the letter in the title. Other titles in the series include C is for … D is for … E is for … F is for … G is for … H is for …and L is for … (watch this space!)

Argentinian Adventure: A travelogue about a group expedition to Cactus Country.

South Africa 1 Cold and Dry 1st 3 days

South Africa 2 The Pink and the Green

South Africa 3 More Pink More Green

South Africa 4 Just 2 days More with the Pink and Green

South Africa Part 5 The next 36 hours

Mesembryanthemacae: A systematic journey through the family including cultivational guidance and touching on botanical connections between the genera.